Step 1: Household Size and Composition

Important Note for Immigrants

You can apply and get SNAP/food stamps for eligible family members, even if your family includes other members who are not eligible because of immigration status. For example, immigrant parents may apply for SNAP/ food stamps for their U.S. citizen or qualified immigrant children, even though the parents may not be eligible for benefits.

For more information, including a list of immigrant statuses that may qualify someone for benefits, click here.

How many people total live in your household (include all members who buy and prepare food together)?

Are ALL members of the household receiving SSI or TANF benefits?

Step 2: Your Monthly Income

Earned Income - Total gross monthly earned income (before taxes):

MBRNAME's monthly earned income:

Unearned Income - Total gross monthly unearned income:

MBRNAME's monthly unearned income:

Step 3: Deduction for Medical Expenses

Note: Medical expenses for elderly or disabled persons can be deducted from your household income, if the out-of-pocket costs are over $35/month and if you provide receipts or other proof of payment to ESA.

Is there an elderly (60+) or disabled person in the household?

Step 4: Deduction for Dependent Care Expenses

Does someone in your household pay for childcare/babysitting/day care for any dependents or care for an incapacitated adult in order to work, receive work training, or attend school?

Step 5: Deduction for Child Support Payments

Does someone in your household pay any legally-obligated child support?

Step 6: Deduction for Housing and Utility Cost

Shelter Costs:

Monthly shelter costs paid by MBRNAME:

Utility Costs:

Check the first that applies:

The household is responsible for paying heat/cooling, or gets LIHEAP
The household doesn't pay heat/cooling but pays at least two other utilities
The household pays only one utility and it isn't phone
The only utility the household pays is phone (cell and/or land line)
The household doesn't pay any utilities

Step 7: Benefits

Important Information

These results are only an ESTIMATE based on the information you submitted. You may get more or less food stamp benefits than the estimate shows. If these results say you are NOT eligible for food stamps, you MAY STILL be eligible. The only way you can know officially if you are eligible for food stamps is to submit an application to the D.C. Department of Human Services' Economic Security Administration (ESA).

Normally, the ESA has 30 days to determine eligibility for food stamps. However, some people may qualify for emergency food stamps, known as expedited food stamps, and can receive benefits in less than 7 days. If you have less than $150 in gross monthly income and less than $100 in resources, or if your shelter costs are higher than your gross monthly income, you could be eligible for emergency food stamps. Call (202) 698-3900 to find your ESA service office and apply.

Keep in mind that some people are not able to get food stamp benefits, including some people on strike, some non-citizens, and some college students. In most cases, their children and other people in the home may still be able to get benefits.

Contact D.C. Hunger Solutions at: or call us at 202.986.2200 x 3042 for additional information or help applying.

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